3-D Printer From Waste

This project simultaneously tackles the problems of e-waste and plastic pollution and the high cost of 3D printing technology available in the developing world market, while providing Kenyan waste pickers with increased revenue.

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The printers are assembled using specific electronic parts mainly from old printers, scanners, photocopiers and CPUs. The parts that are harvested from the electronic waste include motors, smooth rods, wires, pulleys, copper wire, belts, bushings and power supplies. Once the parts are harvested, they are sorted according to size so as to have the parts as identical as possible. The smooth rods for all the axes are measured and the dimensions are inserted into our unique parametric design program that then calculates and designs the printer accordingly.


How interesting! It looks as if you are currently sorting the waste and producing printers. What is the cost per printer? How many have you employed? What is the potential reach - staying in Kenya or moving beyond? Is there an international market for the printers? Are you looking for funding, and if so, what amount?

Looking forward to more information,

Vanessa Leon

The cost per printer is $350. We have currently sold two printers as we held back on sales due to an important upgrade we implemented on the printers which are now ready for sale.

Our printers are built to be strong, robust and tough and can be used in any part of the world especially in the developing world as that was key aspect in the design process.

We've got lots of interest on printer purchase and we are currently looking for scale-up funding to implement the same. We are looking for scale up funds to cater for production cost ($25,000)


Aloha Samenjo. I'm zO reaching out from the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Great works mate.